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At US SIGNS, we believe that every business and organization should be able to easily create engaging on-premise digital marketing experiences that accelerate growth without “breaking the bank”. From roadside to register, US SIGNS is dedicated to deliver the most effective on- premise marketing tools for your business, through our indoor and outdoor digital signage. That is why we strive to develop and deliver revolutionary products and easy-to-use solutions that are captivating, affordable, and evolve with any business big or small. Each and every process starts and ends with our customer’s satisfaction in mind. Our concierge-level sales team works with our premier partners and dedicated customer service and tech support teams to deliver personalized and premium service. Our goal is to improve customer experience and make on-premise marketing and digital signage more accessible for all.

How does our LED digital display help our clients

Our customers tell us that their US SIGNS LED digital display has:

  • Positively impacted their business by increasing traffic & revenue
  • Streamlined the on-premise marketing of products & services
  • Greatly improved the visual appearance of their establishment & augmented brand recognition
  • Substantially reduced their social media & traditional online marketing spend

The most reliable Outdoor digital display in the market!

With 30,000 of our new generation of Outdoor LED modules in the field over the last 16 months our reliability rate is…


Reliability Rate

US SIGN has benefited from technological advancements such as fault detection features, power monitoring, and heat detection automatic preventative measures. As a result, the company has incurred very low warranty liability costs and is in a position now to pass these savings on to its customers.

Your most effective marketing tool

Expensive, time consuming and hard to target customers

$1000-$2000 a month to generate any significant engagement

Fast, efficient and can surgically target customers

$575 a month and can surgically target people in your community driving by your business

Assuming a $30K display install, financed by your bank at $575 a month for 60 months

Continue to diversify your advertising with an LED display. Reduce your Facebook, Google or Direct Mail marketing spend by $575 and include a display, keeping your $1500 a month marketing budget the same.

Low average cost per 1000 impressions

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor LED display.

Modular System

Signs as unique as you

Designed with flexibility at the top of mind, US SIGNS displays’ modular system provides unparalleled versatility to configure your sign exactly the way you need it or reconfigure it as those needs change. Modularity also means we’ve simplified installation and servicing. Our signs can be put together on-site, which saves you money. And in the rare case, that something goes wrong, you can simply swap out one panel, and your sign is up and working again in minutes.

High Resolution

Find your perfect pixel

We offer a diverse range of pixel sizes, including 4, 6, 9, and 12 mm. Whether you need intricate detail or grand-scale installations, we have the perfect pixel size to suit your specific requirements. Experience stunning clarity and exceptional visibility with our array of pixel options.

Big or small, we can do it all

Get ready to be blown away by our impressive installations! We’ve got everything from the classic 3x8s to the massive 14×48 billboards, we’re equipped to handle any size project that comes our way.

No matter what type of business you run – whether it’s a church, school, restaurant, bank, or automotive dealership – our top-of-the-line hardware and software is specifically designed to meet your needs. Big or small, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us show you what we’re made of.

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